166 Historic Cemeteries

Explore Warwick's historic cemeteries with Pegee Malcolm from the Warwick Historic Cemeteries Commission:


Historic Figures in Warwick Cemeteries   (19 min)

Learn about veterans from the War for American Independence and the U.S. Civil War and other notable figures in Rhode Island history who are buried in Warwick.



Find cemeteries:

Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Commission

1) Go to "Cemetery Database"
2) Choose "View all cemeteries in one town"
3) Select "Warwick"
4) Click "Details" for cemetery locations



Cleaning and Photographing Headstones   (6 min)

Learn how to safely clean and photograph historic headstones.



Read more:

Do’s and Don’ts of Cemetery Cleaning



A Scavenger Hunt at Brayton Cemetery   (8 min)

Find out how you and your family can enjoy a family outing with a scavenger hunt at Brayton Cemetery in Apponaug Village.


Go to:

Scavenger Hunt Checklist
Warwick Historic Cemetery Commission Facebook



Historic Cemeteries in Warwick   (10 min)

Discover where you can find historic cemeteries, who’s buried there, and how you can adopt a cemetery.


Learn more:

Do’s and Don’ts of Cemetery Cleaning
Adopt a Cemetery
Warwick Historic Cemeteries Commission



The Warwick Historic Cemeteries Commission was established by the Warwick City Council in 1987. It’s purpose is to create an inventory of historical cemeteries within the city; formulate and develop plans and programs to restore, rehabilitate and maintain historical cemeteries; recommend to the mayor and city council such action as may be necessary to implement such plans and programs; and investigate sources of funds, including fundraising, grants and development of both corporate and individual sponsors, and all other legitimate and related activities.

Pegee Malcolm joined the Warwick Historic Cemeteries Commission in 2004 and became Chair in 2006.

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