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End of Year Wrap-up with Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi

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Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Mayor Frank Picozzi about the end of 2022 and the start of a new year in Warwick.


Hear about next steps for the school bond, the city’s move to the Sawtooth Building, plans for City Hall, the sale of city buildings, converting the Sheraton Hotel into workforce housing, new businesses, developments at City Centre, fixing Mickey Stevens Sports Complex, and the Picozzi family Christmas display:


19 min


Warwick Life highlights what’s special in Warwick, Rhode Island and helps listeners get the most from this seaside community. Warwick Life is produced by Scott Nerney and presented by the Varnum Memorial Armory Military & Naval Museum.


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Music by Tess Der Manouelian.

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