SUNDAY, April 21: Closed Easter.

Small Meeting Room

Home Buyer Workshop

Home buyers have a lot of questions about the home buying process. Especially if they are first-timers. Which type of home loan is right ? How much house can I afford? What’s the real estate market like right now? How do I make an offer? Are home prices going up or down? How do I get started?
This workshop is going to answer ALL those questions. We will talk about all available home buying programs, and how we will be with you from pre-approval and first showings to the closing table

Textile Conservation Q & A with Maria Vazquez of Royal Conservation & Exhibition

For all those who ever wondered how to preserve and conserve their textiles properly. Maria Vazquez is an energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining and educated conservator that can help answer those nagging questions.

Should wedding dresses be left in their bags?
Are there cleaning recommendations for knitted pieces?
Is there a better way to hang ornamental quilts?
Is there a way to repair those beaded clutches?
What IS Thread Count?
Why should we conserve textiles?

Stop by for a quick Q & A.


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