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Saturday, February 29

10:00am - 11:30am

Tuesday, March 03

3:30pm - 4:45pm

Saturday, March 07

Tuesday, March 10

3:30pm - 4:45pm

Saturday, March 14

Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play! Our Storytimes incorporate and support these 5 Early Literacy practices. All Storytimes are Drop-in!
Our play spaces focus on early literacy skills. Early literacy is everything your child learns BEFORE they learn how to read.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

100 Books Before Kindergarten

Why 1000 Books?

The best way to ensure a child has the skills necessary to learn to read is having someone read aloud to them. They will learn that letters make sounds, sounds make words, and words make stories! Create life long memories and instill a love of reading.

Who can sign up?

Any child from birth until kindergarten, at any time.

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