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2023 Summer Beach Passes

Warwick 2023 Summer Beach Passes are on sale at Warwick Public Library.


From June 17 through September 6, City-owned recreation facilities will charge admission. Fees may be paid either with a season pass or at the time of each visit.


Season passes will not be available for purchase at beach parking lots.


Season passes
Resident, per car $20.00
Non-resident, per car $40.00
Senior/Veteran/Disabled, Resident, per car $10.00
Senior/Veteran/Disabled, Non-resident, per car $20.00

Individual Tickets
Resident, per car, per visit $5
Non-resident, per car, per visit $10
Senior/Veteran/Disabled, Resident, per car, per visit $3
Senior/Veteran/Disabled, per car, per visit $6
Buses, per bus, per visit (as assessed and authorized by the Director of Parks and Recreation) up to $30.00


Please bring cash, check, or a money order made out to City Of Warwick. Bring proof of residency, if you are a Warwick resident (car registration & state ID/License), and proof of age/veteran/disability status, if eligible.


Age for senior eligibility is 60 years old.