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The American Civil War: A Radio Lecture Series

Explore the American Civil War in a four-part series by Dr. Stanley Carpenter, Professor Emeritus of Strategy and Policy at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, RI.


Dr. Carpenter is Naval War College Command Historian, a United States Naval Officer, Active and Reserve, Retired as Captain, 1979-2009, a widely-published expert on British Military and Naval History, and the author three of WWII spy novels.


Included with the lectures are slides. Click on the links in the show notes to open the slides, and move to the next image when Dr. Carpenter says “slide.”

A House Divided: 1861

Slide Show: The American Civil War 1861: A House Divided



The Grand Design: 1862

Slide Show: The American Civil War 1862: The Grand Design



Hallowed Ground: 1863

Slide Show: The American Civil War 1863: Hallowed Ground



War Is Hell: 1864-1865

Slide Show: The American Civil War 1864-1865: War Is Hell

If you have questions for Dr. Carpenter about The American Civil War, send them to RhodyRadioOnline@gmail.com, and we will pass them on.

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