Mindfulness Meditation: A Free Online Class — Sign Up Today

During this difficult time in our history, fear, anxiety, and personal loss have increased across our society.


Enhance your resilience by strengthening your innate ability to cope, and make wiser and kinder decisions—no matter the challenge or the opportunity—with Mindfulness Meditation (Still Together), a weekly online class from the Friends of the East Greenwich Free Library, on Mondays from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Learn a westernized version of Vipassana. Hear a short lesson on the practice and benefits of meditation, and practice breath, body, and loving-kindness meditation and, from time-to-time, body movement and music meditation, too. Each hour ends with a short poem.


Newcomers, beginners, experienced meditators, or the simply curious are invited to attend.


To receive a Zoom link to an upcoming session, send an email request to friendseglibrary@gmail.com.

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