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Summer 2021 Warwick Season Beach Passes Sold Here

Pick up your Summer 2021 Warwick Season Beach Pass at Warwick Public Library.

Fees for admittance to city-owned recreation facilities shall be in effect beginning on Thursday, July 1, 2021 and through September 6. Fees may be paid with a season pass as follows:


Summer 2021 Warwick Season Beach Passes  
Resident, per car $20
Nonresident, per car $40
Senior/Veteran/Disabled, Resident, per car $10
Senior/Veteran/Disabled, Non Resident, per car  $20

Pick up your pass whenever the library is open. Season passes will not be available for purchase at the beach parking lots.


Please bring cash, check, or money order made out to City Of Warwick. Must show proof of residency if Warwick Resident (car registration & state ID/License) and proof of age/veteran/disability status, if eligible. Registration and photo ID and registration must match. No exceptions.


Age for senior eligibility is 60 years old.

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