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The 6:20 Man

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Travis Devine is a young man that takes the 6:20 commuter train to Manhattan every day. He gets up each morning, does a strenuous workout and then takes the long train ride to a job that he hates. Devine was a West Point graduate, a ranger in the elite Seventy-Fifth Ranger Regiment, he had twin Purples, a Silver Star and slew of other medals and ribbons. He had risen to the rank of Captain and was an army man through and through until he could be one no longer. He lives with the guilt of secret that he carries with him every day as he travels to his job on Wall Street. Ironically, for the first time in his life, his father is actually proud of him for working at Cowl and Cromely Investments. He never measured up in his father’s eyes during his years serving his country. And this Travis takes as part of a punishment he must carry along with his guilt.

When Travis receives an unusual personal email on his phone advising him of a co-workers death within the building of Cowl and Comely before it is publicly known, his life is changed again. Sadly the death of a young woman that he cared about is only the beginning of a series of deaths that all seem to have a connection to him.

Soon he is approached by a retired army general working for the US government investigating Cowl and Comely for serious money laundering and looking for a connection to the murders. The general is aware of why Travis left the Army, and leaves Travis no choice but to help in the investigation.

As the days go by he digs deeper into the murders and ultimately finds a connection to the people closest to him. As the crimes of Cowl and Comely are uncovered, their connection to people in high places puts his life in jeopardy. Ultimately, he must decide if he will follow what he was trained to do and go back to serving his country.

David Baldacci describes in great detail the relationships of each of the characters and the reader is left guessing who will be the next victim and what is their motive? Ultimately, the answer is a surprise.