A Beautiful Mind

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by E.D. grade 12
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A Beautiful Mind directed by Ron Howard is a movie about a man who suffers with schizophrenia. Taking place at Princeton, main character John Forbes Nash Jr. is a mathematical genius. He is able to crack codes that have never been broken before and is recruited to work with the CIA. However, he faces difficulties in pursuing his career when he receives his diagnosis with Schizophrenia. This movie takes you through the entire process of doctors trying to help Nash with his Schizophrenia. It shows everything that it took away from his life and his family. And most importantly, it shows how Nash pursued his dream despite being diagnosed with a mental disorder. Based on a true story, this movie was able to portray John Nashes life in an honorable way. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about Schizophrenia and what it is like living with it or to anyone who just wants to learn more about John Nashes life.