Blue Moon by Lee Child

Reviewed by: 
Jane F.

For Jack Reacher fans, this is Lee Child’s latest action novel. Jack is traveling on a Greyhound bus on another trip to nowhere when a random situation evolves. Across the aisle from him is an elderly man sleeping in his seat. Jack can see an envelope slipping out of the man’s pocket that he recognizes as a bank envelope used to carry cash. At the same time he sees a young man has noticed the same envelope. The older man wakes up and exits the bus followed by the young man.  Jack realizes what is about to happen and decides to exit the bus at this stop also.

Just as Jack suspected, the older man was about to be robbed and Jack steps in and saves the man and his money. As Jack helps the man return to his home, he is brought into a family situation that involves the elderly couple and their sick daughter. He finds that the family is in debt to loan sharks run by very bad people due to their well-meaning mistakes.

As Reacher digs deeper into the situation, he finds himself caught in the middle of Albanian and Ukrainian gangs. He teams up with a young waitress and a couple of musicians with military backgrounds and sets out to take down the powerful thugs that have overshadowed the town.

As Reacher’s plot takes many twists and turns, the action rises as he out-smarts the corrupt gangs and brings a certain type justice that comes along once in a blue moon.

 Blue Moon is available on Ezone.

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