Chase Darkness With Me By Billy Jenson

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Billy Jenson is a crime journalist that has devoted his life in pursuit of helping to solve unsolved murders.  This non-fiction book is a frightening realization of just how many murders go unsolved every day. In spite of police departments' best efforts, many families do not find closure. In this book, Jenson uses skills that he used in his day job as a digital executive. The book describes several cases in which he was able to make a difference in apprehending and eventually leading to convictions.
Jenson worked for several years with another crime writer, Michelle McNamara on her search for the Golden State Killer from California while he searched for the murderer of the Allentown Four of New Hampshire.  Ultimately, Jenson was able to help police identify Terry Rasmussan as the killer in New Hampshire after years of searching for clues and hoping for DNA results that would finally name these killers.  Sadly, Michelle died unexpectedly before her book on the subject  I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, was published. Jenson and Michelle’s husband were able to finish the book. Ironically, not long after the publication, DNA proved that Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr. a former police officer was the Golden Gate Killer.
Jenson gives much credit to retired police detective Paul Holes in solving the Golden Gate Killer case and to his friend Michelle’s book for bringing attention to the case. A true crime narrative that will hold your interest, and keep you turning the pages. Both Jenson’s book and Michelle’s book were on the New York best seller list.  

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