Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Reviewed by: 
Mary Anne

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella is a delightful, funny and heartwarming story; another rollicking installment in the life of Becky Brandon, formally Becky Bloomwood. In the weeks leading up to Christmas in England, Becky is, of course, trying to shop for the perfect present for her husband Luke,  leading her to her usual extreme lengths to get her hands on a one of a  kind “portmanteau”. Minnie, her daughter, needs a handmade costume for her role in the school play, and suddenly, Becky’s family decides she should host Christmas dinner, catering to all the whims of her family and friends. Before long, there is 50 pounds of salmon on her front lawn, covered by a comforter (which the neighbors mistake for a homeless person), a vegan doughnut turkey, a Christmas piñata and a rock star that might want to invite Becky and Luke to a slightly risqué evening. Only Becky could get into this much trouble preparing for Christmas! Things have a way of working out, and Becky’s love for her family and friends overcomes every obstacle. Her cheerful outlook and funny take on everything adds to this happy book, which will have even the Grinch laughing over Becky’s antics. 

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