Front Desk

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by M.P. grade 7
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Front Desk is a book that is realistic fiction. The book is about this fictional girl and her family who have immigrated from China. She writes about her hardships in the book. They get a job in a motel but the owner is very unkind hearted. She tells us about how she made a family with the “weeklies.” She also faces hardships at school as her classmates are not very kind except for this girl who is her best friend. The conflict is that Mia’s family is managing a motel of an extremely mean owner, Mr.Yao. He is racist and unfair. He has a very bad mindset and is narrow minded. He has a mindset that only rich people can do things and that poor people are useless. He also is very cheap and barely gives them a salary. In conclusion, I give this book a 5/5 rating.