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The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Picked by: 
Mary Anne

The Guest List takes place on a small island off the Irish Coast, at a destination wedding for an “Influencer”, a bride who is a magazine publisher and trendsetter, who sets up an extravagant wedding in an exotic location for the publicity she can squeeze from it. The groom is a very handsome rising television star, with a group of friends from his days in boarding school attending the wedding, that act like little boys let out for recess, rather than the adults they are. Each of the guests have hidden reasons they might want one of the major players dead, although Foley does an excellent job of keeping the character’s secrets, letting them unravel one by one. The moral of this story is, be careful who you invite to your wedding! Not far into the story is the discovery of a dead body by a young server, whose scream shatters the reception, even through the noise of the wind and rain outside the fancy wedding tents. The story then spools backward, as the author leads the reader through the previous days and the events leading to this moment.

This is a fun and suspenseful story, allowing Foley to take her place among outstanding authors of psychological fiction. Odd characters, an atmospheric setting and a glamorous bridal couple turn this wedding into an event you would rather not be invited to.

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