Hideaway by Nora Roberts

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This is a multi-generational story of the Sullivan family that highlights their long line of Hollywood royalty that began with Irish immigrant, Liam Sullivan. He and his wife Rosemary use their talents to create careers in movies and theatre while raising their two children, Hugh and Maureen.

As the story and time move on, Hugh’s son Aidan marries and has a daughter, Caitlyn. Hugh’s wife Charlotte has never really fit with the Sullivan clan, but they tolerate her for Aidan’s sake until she betrays them all by arranging for her own daughter to be kidnapped to bilk money from the family and gain press headlines.

Caitlyn escapes her kidnappers and finds shelter and help from a family on a nearby ranch where a boy her own age named Dillion takes her in and his family contact her family and police. The criminals and Charlotte are caught by the local Sheriff and strong ties are developed between the two families.

As the Sullivan family grows and they all try to move on from this horrible ordeal, the story brings the reader to the beauty of Big Sur, the peace and lush land of Ireland and the hectic but exciting life of New York.

Unfortunately, as Charlotte and the other criminals finish serving their time in prison, the dangers begin again for Caitlyn. Once again, Dillion and his family are there to support her and her family and an old spark is ignited between Dillion and Caitlyn. As usual, Nora Roberts gives the reader a good dose of romance and a happy ending

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