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The IT Girl By Ruth Ware

Picked by: 
Mary Anne

Hannah Jones is thrilled to be accepted at Oxford, and as she settles in, feels privileged to be part of such a prestigious university. Hannah even becomes good friends with her roommate, April Clarke-Cliveden, a wealthy socialite who can be kind or cruel, and loves playing practical jokes that are a little over the top, making her more than a few enemies.

Hannah arrives home one night and sees a creepy college porter named John Neville, leaving her room. April is dead, and Hannah’s testimony places John at the scene and ultimately sends him to prison. Years later, Neville dies in prison and a reporter begins to insist that Neville was innocent. Hannah begins to question everything about that night and asks old friends what they remember.

The pace of the story is quick, the atmosphere suspenseful and the tension increases throughout the story. Ware is well known for her twists and turns and The IT Girl is no exception. Hannah questions everything she previously thought to be true, as well as her friendships. Were Hugh, Ryan and Emily truly friends or were they all hiding something? As Hannah’s investigation continues, she realizes she can trust no one.

Ruth Ware is the bestselling author of several other bestsellers, including One By One (2020), The Turn of the Key (2019), The Death of Mrs. Westaway (2018) and many others. If you are a fan of psychological suspense, don’t miss The IT Girl!


By Mary Anne