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The Last Thing He Told Me By Laura Dave

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Hannah Hall was a wood turner. She was raised by her grandfather who was also a wood turner. She had a thriving business and was living in New York City when she met Owen Michaels. He happened into her shop one day and something clicked between them. He was from Sausalito, California and was a single parent raising his teenage daughter Bailey. He told her that his wife had died in an auto accident when Bailey was only a little girl. Hannah and Owen are taken with each other and after dating for some time, they decide to marry. Hannah loves his daughter Bailey, even though Bailey is a typical teenager that doesn’t want to show emotion.

Hannah moves to Sausalito with Owen and his daughter and develops her wood turning business to wealthy clients in California. One day she has a knock on her door and a twelve year old girl is standing there in her soccer uniform with a note. The note is from Owen. It simply says, “Protect her”. Hannah knows immediately that he is referring to Bailey.

When Bailey calls to confirm that her father will pick her up from school, Hannah tells her that she will pick her up instead because she cannot reach Owen.  Bailey is waiting for Hannah when she arrives with tears in her eyes and a large tote bag that she had found in her locker. It was from her dad.

As Hannah and Bailey try to sort out what is going on, they learn on national news that the company that Owen worked for has been raided by the FBI and top managers are being arrested. Their fear grows as they are not able to contact Owen and start to try to track him down themselves. They soon learn that Owen is not who they thought he was. As they uncover facts about his past, Hannah realizes that she must do whatever she can to follow the simple instructions that Owen gave her, “Protect her”.

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