The Man Who Died Twice By Richard Osman

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Mary Anne

Osman has written a captivating sequel to his debut crime novel, The Thursday Murder Club. In The Man Who Died Twice, Elizabeth, an ex-spy, is contacted by someone in her past who needs a place to hide while M16, the Mafia, and assorted bad guys, are after him for the theft of millions of dollars in diamonds. Elizabeth calls on her friends at the Coopers Chase Retirement  Village, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron, to help chase down the diamonds and solve the murders that soon begin to pop up. Questions begin to arise when it’s not clear who has been murdered, and who exactly, has stolen the diamonds. The case becomes more dangerous, and Elizabeth is left to decode a series of clues in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Each of the friends has skills to contribute, as they try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers in the hunt for the diamonds.

The Thursday Murder Club sticks together, and when Ibrahim is injured by a group of hoodlums, the friends exact revenge in a determined manner, not knowing that the two cases may be connected. Other characters from the first story claim major roles, also, such as Bogdan Jankowski, DCI Chris Hudson and Police Constable Donna DeFreitas.

This story is hilarious in parts and very serious in others. Author Richard Osman is the host of a very popular game show in Great Britain, and has a knack for writing that includes well-developed characters, a gripping plot, and a taste for humor. Stay tuned for 2 more planned installments to this delightful series.



By Mary Anne Quinn


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