Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed by: 
Mary Anne

Anthony Horowitz is a British literary tour de force, but not known well in the United States.  Horowitz started as a children’s author, then became a screenwriter, writing the popular PBS series, Foyle’s War. He went on to write most of the early series of Midsomer Murders and several adult mysteries. Horowitz’s writing is fresh and fun, using a variety of literary devices to keep the reader engaged.

The final tale, Moonflower Murders brings back characters from Magpie Murders, and the reader might be wise to read Magpie Murders first. On a recent wedding day in Suffolk, a murder took place the same day and at the same venue as the wedding; even worse, the bride is missing! Another complex story structure pulls the reader in and doesn’t disappoint. Anthony Horowitz is happy to be writing adult mysteries and has plans for many more installments of private investigator Daniel Hawthorne.

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