The Necromancer by Michael Scott

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“The Necromancer” is the fourth installment in the “Secrets of the Nicholas Flamel” book series by Michael Scott. This entry begins the first steps towards the climax of the entire series as bigger mysteries have begun to be answered and those who have hidden in the shadows are finally taking action. The characters we’ve been following since “The Alchemyst” have taken a toll with this adventure and even with most of them back together, the urgency of their task has gotten more difficult, especially for those who only got dragged into this new world recently. Together, Josh and Sophie Newman hold the key to the future, one way or another but have never felt further apart from each other, even the trust for their protectors wanes further with each revelation. An unexpected turn has also taken place, the man who had previously been chasing them; Dr. John Dee is on the run from those he once called master, leading him to unravel a secret that was buried long before the world itself began.


Each entry in this series has only gotten me more excited to see what comes next. The world-building has been very interesting to piece together with each revelation brought to the table by new characters. These new characters continually bring a new level of intrigue to the story as a whole and makes me wonder how the author will take these pieces and fit them together for the eventual finale. I would still highly recommend this series and more specifically, “The Necromancer” to anyone who enjoys this type of modern fantasy that has an intriguing setting and a fascinating mix of characters from history and myth.


The Necromancer is available on the Ezone as an ebook or audiobook.

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