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Pumpkin Heads

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F.A. grade 10
Book Cover

“Pumpkin Heads” by Rainbow Rowell is a heartwarming and congenial graphic novel that captures the essence and coziness of the autumn atmosphere along with the bittersweetness of the last goodbye.


The story follows Deja and Josiah, two high school seniors working their final shift at a beloved pumpkin patch. Josiah is feeling melancholy about leaving the patch and not being able to ask his crush that he’s been crushing on for years. This doesn’t stop Deja from wanting to help Josiah enjoy every last moment they have left. So the two decide to change things up by going on an adventure around the pumpkin patch, eating s'mores, taking hayrides, and getting lost in the maze all in search of Josaih’s crush. 


Rowell's writing is witty and engaging, bringing the characters to life with their unique personalities and relatable banter. Along with all the humor that is depicted throughout the dialogue and illustrations. The illustrations drawn by Faith Erin Hicks beautifully complement the story, depicting the vibrant colors of fall and the charming atmosphere of the pumpkin patch by adding to the overall theme and humor told throughout. 


Pumpkin Heads is a feel-good slice-of-life read that will leave you with a warm and nostalgic glow.