Ramby Paul and Linda McCartney (music)

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by C.C. grade 12
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A review of "Ram", Paul and Linda McCartney's 1971 album: "Ram" is a collection of songs written during Paul's time as a member of the Beatles, that were never recorded. This album is considered the first "indie" album. The term "indie" was created to describe records released from an independent record label. Since the term was created, it has developed more of a meaning than just that. This album, in a way, shaped the sound of indie rock/pop to this day. The simple song structures, pleasant sounds, vocal harmonies and down to earth sound are all seen in modern indie music. This album has a certain feel to it. It feels like a talented musician and his wife having fun making music instead of worrying too much about what the audience thinks. "Ram" is a great album for anyone interested in listening to music with quirks but a lot of charm.