Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler

Picked by: 
Mary Anne

This is a wonderful, heartwarming story by a master of characterization. This is a short novel, but a great summer book and can be read almost in one sitting.   Micah Mortimer is our protagonist. Micah is a 40ish bachelor, and is a building superintendent, living in the basement apartment of the building. Micah also runs a very small (1 person) computer repair and fix-it business called “Tech Hermit”.   Micah is very, very, organized and methodical. He has four sisters, who all have families and are all very messy, but they love him anyway and he loves them.   He has a girlfriend of 3 years, and when she tells him she is facing eviction, she expects him to take the next step – marriage, or at least ask her to move in with him. Micah isn’t really tuned in to his girlfriend’s expectations and makes a mess of things.  In the middle of all this, a young man shows up at his door. He is the son of an old college girlfriend, and claims Micah is his father. All of this upheaval has Micah examining his life and reconsidering his orderly habits.  This story is warm and funny with great characters. My only critique is that it ends too quickly – the reader will wish it was longer. Tyler is one of my favorite authors and has written many wonderful books. The Accidental Tourist, Breathing Lessons, and The Beginner’s Goodbye are just a few of her many titles. Anne Tyler lives in Baltimore with her family and many of her stories take place there. They are usually about normal, working class people and their struggles and joys. 




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