Robot & Frank

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Robot & Frank Movie Poster

Imagine giving your aging dad a robot companion to help him out, but your dad doesn’t use the robot like he should. Dad has his own ideas, and the robot becomes part of dad’s plans.


Frank Weld is a former jewel thief with memory problems and a curious interest in the local librarian. His son Hunter gives Frank the robot helper, and Robot is an impeccable aide with one fatal flaw—he’s not programmed to know what’s legal and what’s not.


So, Frank uses Robot to restart his life of crime.


At its heart, Robot & Frank is a story of aging and human frailty, and it’s so well-made and so perfectly acted that even a robot seems like a perfectly natural and ordinary thing. Frank Langella gives a masterful performance as a cunning man slipping into dementia.


You’ll be surprised.


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