Spilled Milk by K. L. Randis

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While visiting a friend’s home for dinner she witnessed her friend’s brother spill his milk at the dinner table. Her immediate response was to grab the boy and rush him outside to protect him against what she thought his father would do to him based on her own experience at home. She saw for the first time that not all people lived like she did.

The mother of her friend becomes a mentor to Brooke and gives her the confidence to talk about her home life. As the story continues it is amazing to see how Brooke maintains honors classes, becomes a cheer leader and holds down multiple jobs so that she can afford to help her mother pay her bills and buy a car that she lives in when things are too bad at home.

When her friend’s mom convinces Brooke to make an appointment with Women in Crisis, she meets a counselor that Brooke was able to open up to and who remains a lifeline for Brooke even after the counselor moves on to another position.

The story highlights the positive and negative sides to child and social services, law enforcement and the court system as seen through the eyes of a child growing up and looking for adults to trust.

The author of this bestseller is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and a certified expert in the field of domestic violence. Spilled Milk was the #1bestseller in the genre of Child Abuse on Amazon for eight consecutive months only 24 hours after its debut. She has also developed local high school presentations on teen dating violence.

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