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Squeeze Me by Carl Hiaasen

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The story begins at one of the many charity ball events in Palm Beach. For every disease, there seems to be another ball organized and attended by a group of wealthy widows. The organizers are a group of avid supporters of the president of the times. They call themselves the Potussies. When one of the women goes missing at a lavish gala, chaos breaks out. Katherine Pew Fitzsimmons better known as Kiki Pew, was one of the founding members of the group. As soon as the president is advised that she is missing he declares that she is the victim of immigrant hordes without any evidence and couldn’t be further from the truth. His staff tries to calm the media as they are made aware by FBI, Secret Service and local law enforcement that Kiki’s disappearance has nothing to do with immigrants. However, the president stays on his rant and is described in laugh-out-loud terms.

The plot becomes more hysterical when Burmese python snakes start to appear on the exclusive properties, a convicted felon and former veterinarian is called to help with the problem and a relationship between a secret service agent and the First Lady become topics of concern and blackmail tactics.

As stated in the jacket of the book, Hiaasen brightens dark days with his irreverent, ingenious and highly entertaining stories. I highly recommend this book to help lighten the winter days ahead.