The Thing

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by G.C. grade 12
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"The Thing" is a sci-fi action horror film released on June 25th 1982, and written and directed by John Carpenter. If you are looking for a classic sci- fi film, or just a good horror film in general, The thing is a perfect choice, from start to end, it is amazing, this movie is extremely engaging, never dull or boring, and acting and writing is spot on. My main complaint in horror movies is when the characters act extremely predictable and dumb, but in this movie they act, and think in realistic ways that makes this one of the most engaging films I've ever seen. I wont spoil anything but this is a sort of "whos the killer/ murder mystery" type of movie and the tension and action is top notch. And the special effects of the aliens are out of this world. Overall I would give this film a 9/10 and a must watch for fans of classic sci-fi horror films.