The Thursday Murder Club By Richard Osman

Reviewed by: 
Mary Anne

The Coopers Chase Retirement Village is an upscale retirement village in England, and the home to some fairly unusual seniors. The Village has clubs for everything, and yes, some seniors do play bingo and take place in other mainstream retirement activities, but then there is the Thursday Murder Club. The Club meets to dissect old cases gathered by a retired detective. The Club members are talented in many ways: Sweet Joyce is a retired nurse, Ibrahim is a psychiatrist, Ron is a political activist, and Elizabeth seems to be a retired spy, and is not above calling in a favor from one of her many colorful contacts. 


The Village is built on the grounds of a former convent and the developer is a sleazy character who is found dead, along with his friend, drug dealer Tony Curran. The Thursday Murder Club inserts themselves into the two active murder investigations, by befriending a young police constable Donna De Frietas. The retirees use their considerable talents and investigative experience to work out the clues, which are complex and troubling. In addition to discovering an extra body in the nuns’ cemetery, the seniors have friends with troubling issues and little by little they uncover the connections.


This mystery is a cozy but a top-notch one, with intriguing characters and witty prose that will make the reader laugh.  Richard Osman is a comedian and quiz show host in England and this is his literary debut. The cast of characters is wonderful and definitely deserve a return engagement.

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