Troubles in Paradise By Elin Hilderbrand

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Elin Hilderbrand brings us back to the beautiful Caribbean for the final and dramatic conclusion to the Paradise trilogy. After Irene Steele is left with the nightmare of her husband’s death and the discovery of his second life, she and her two sons, Cash, Baker, and Baker’s son Floyd fly to the island of St. John to
find out what happened to Russell Steele. While visiting the island they each develop a love for the island and the people that were part of Russ’s life.
As the previous books have revealed, Russ was involved with a crime organization that laundered money and allowed him to live a wealthy double life. While providing well for Irene and the boys as they grew up and went to college and established lives, he also owned a beautiful villa in St. John where he
fathered a daughter with a young, beautiful island girl.
More troubles begin for Irene when the FBI seizes not only the villa in St. John, but also Irene’s home in the Midwest. With help from their new friends on the island, Irene and her sons are able to set up their lives. But as evidence begins to mount that her husband’s death in a helicopter crash was not an accident, the drama is watched by all on the island including the driver of a jeep with tinted windows.
As a storm gathers strength over the Atlantic and all are faced with the shuttering up of businesses and pulling boats to safety, Irene meets the mysterious person driving the jeep and learns what really happened to her husband and his associates. Once all is revealed, it is time for a new beginning for the Steele family and they choose to put the past behind them and start a new life on the beautiful Caribbean island. 
Trouble in Paradise reminds readers of the characters and storyline from the previous books while bringing closure to the story. For Elin Hilderbrand fans, this is a must read.
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