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VORTEX By Catherine Coulter

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The story begins at a college rave party. Two young woman attending Godwyn University become the center of the story. Mia and Serena meet and chat with friends together until Serena meets two young men that share her interest in the online game of World of Warcraft.  When Serena notices that one of the young men she is talking to tries to slip something into her drink, he strikes her to prevent her from bringing attention to what he was doing. He and his friend realize she is dead and get her out of the building by staging a fire.  Serena’s boyfriend Tommy and Mia never forget her or get over the loss.

Fast forward seven years, and Mia is a reporter for the Guardian newspaper preparing to interview a young man that is running for mayor of New York City. Tommy is an FBI agent assigned to the Washington Field Office but still keeps in touch with her. While conducting the interviews with friends and family of Alex Harrington, the candidate for mayor, Mia interviews his closest friend Kent Harper, a successful business man and gamer. Looking at the pictures on his wall she sees that he is a fan of World of Warcraft.

 Her suspicions grow when Mia’s old friend from college sends her a couple of pictures that she found from the night of the rave party. Mia immediately recognizes a bracelet on Alex‘s wrist that looks like one on a hand in the picture. She uses her connections to make the pictures clearer and includes her old friend, Tommy the now FBI agent, to help investigate.

A second investigation is going on in NY at the same time involving a triple murder that involves the FBI and CIA.  The CIA then begins searching for one of their own while trying to find a leak in their own department. Ultimately, the investigations and agents cross over to solve the crimes. The characters are described clearly and the reader is brought into the story trying to guess what will happen next.

This is one of Catherine Coulter's FBI Thrillers and it definitely lives up to the series page turners.


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