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Watch 64 Movies This Month on Kanopy

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Penny Serenade Movie Poster

Every month, you can use your Warwick Library card to watch 10 films for free—but that may not be enough if you're spending more time at home. To help out, Kanopy is giving you 54 extra movies that you can see in addition to the 10 you get every month.


Here are four of those extras to get you started:


The Gold Rush is Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece. The Little Tramp was never better at tickling funny bones and tugging at heartstrings than he was as a determined Yukon prospector in 1898 Alaska.


Penny Serenade brings the charm and star power of Cary Grant and Irene Dunne to the story of a husband and wife experiencing repeated hardship and tragedy as they try to start a family.


The Strange Love of Martha Ivers tells the tale of wealthy Martha, her alcoholic husband Walter, and a dark mystery that keeps them together. Barbara Stanwyck and Kirk Douglas shine as the secretive couple.


Kansas City Confidential is a rough and unpolished crime picture with an outrageous plot. Mystery man Mr. Big hires three ruthless criminals for a heist with plans to betray them after he gets the money.


Then, you can dig into the rest.


Watch them on Kanopy.