What Rose Forgot By Nevada Barr

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This story begins describing a woman in a confused and sedated state waking up outside of a hospital where she has been committed to the Alzheimer’s unit.  When Rose Dennis  is returned to the hospital she starts to remember how she was able to escape from her room and realizes that the drugs that she had been given were reduced recently due to her having the flu and without the drugs she was able to see her situation more clearly.

She devises a plan to allow her to remain more lucid by pretending to take the drugs that are given to her and storing them away for a later purpose.  Her plan works and she is able to fool the staff by not speaking and appearing to be catatonic. She is then able to plan her next escape.

With the help of her sister and her 13 year-old granddaughter, Rose begins to piece together her life and remembers a recent tragedy that left her in weakened state of mind and body.  As she regains her strength and her wits, she fights back against a plot to kill her that includes the hospital staff where she was committed and a member of her own family. She soon realizes that this insidious scheme has been used on others to help greedy heirs gain their inheritance.

With a couple of unlikely characters helping along the way Barr lays out an adventure that is scary and occasionally hilarious. As the story ends, the family works together to heal each other and Rose is able to help another patient from the hospital return to his own life, also. The book provides the reader with a range of emotions, from sad to happy and frightened to courageous. I am sure you will enjoy it.

What Rose Forgot is available on the Ezone as an ebook or audiobook.

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