The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop By Fannie Flagg

Picked by: 
Mary Anne

The “Wonder Boy” of the title is Bud Threadgoode, who grew up in Whistle Stop, Alabama, and whose mother, Ruth, and Aunt Idgie, ran the Whistle Stop Café, famous for Fried Green Tomatoes (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, 1987). This book will update all Whistle Stop lovers on the lives of all of those well-known characters, alternating between live action scenes, and the Christmas newsletters from Dot Weems, who keeps in touch with past residents of Whistle Stop through her missives.

At the beginning of the story, it is clear Whistle Stop has hit hard times when the trains begin passing through on their way to the next big city, Birmingham. Whistle Stop is left behind, and without an influx of customers, the café, beauty shop, and other stores close one by one. Former residents flee to Florida, Georgia and other parts of Alabama to pursue new ventures. All of the former residents leave their hearts behind in Whistle Stop.

One day, Bud, who is a senior citizen now, decides to hop on a train and find Whistle Stop, he is shocked at what he finds. In doing so, he meets new friends and learns more about Aunt Idgie, Ninny Threadgoode, and other characters from his childhood. Bud sets something in motion, and realizes here may still be some life left in Whistle Stop.


Sweet, home-spun and hopeful, The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop is a nostalgic trip to and past time, when people were kind and thoughtful to one another, and a small town was a warm and loving place to be. If you were a fan of the original book, you will love this update and new chapter in the lives of the characters.

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