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Writing Great Fiction

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Writing Great Fiction is a video course presented by Professor James Hynes, a novelist and visiting professor for many universities across the United States. This course is meant to help aspiring writers with their dreams of creating fictional works. It provides sound advice and practice at the end of each lecture to help watchers understand the subject discussed. Professor Hynes goes over many points one might not consider when beginning as a writer, such as the many different ways an author can use point of view—more so than just the typical first-person or third-person views most know of.


As an aspiring writer, I found the lectures in each video to be filled with useful insight. Professor Hynes does a great job guiding the watcher through the different ways a writer can either begin or improve themselves in the art of writing fiction. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to become a writer.


This course is available on Kanopy in The Great Courses.