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Art, Classes, and Camps at the Warwick Center for the Arts
10/12/21  |  16 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Director Danielle Salisbury about the Warwick Center for the Arts in the Kentish Artillery Armory building in Apponaug Village.

Hear about art exhibits and opportunities to show your art, classes you can take—including meditation, yoga, art journaling, and creative writing—collaborations with Mayor Frank Picozzi and City Hall, and summer art camp for kids.


Gloria & John Talk About the Future of Newspapers
10/5/21  |  20 min

Gloria Kennedy and John Howell talk about the future of the Warwick Beacon and other newspapers.

Find out why newspapers today cover less local news and sports than they used to, and hear how the Beacon continues to inform Warwick citizens about the news and issues that affect them.


Two Parents, Five Kids, a Dog, and a Cat: Tales from a Warwick Boyhood
9/28/21  |  10 min

Lifelong resident Bob tells the story of being five years old in Warwick in 1956.

Hear about Bob’s family and home, his outdoor escapades, and his encounters with a strongminded and adventuresome fellow named Riley.


Improving Our City with Council President Stephen McAllister
9/21/21  |  18 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Council President Stephen P. McAllister about investments and improvements in Ward 7 and across Warwick.

Hear about upgrades to Apponaug, the city’s plans for the “sawtooth” building and the City Hall annex, LED street lights, and updating the city fleet with new ambulances, fire trucks, and garbage trucks, and more.


John Howell Reports on Himself: A Conversation with the Man Behind the Warwick Beacon
9/14/21  |  19 min & 18 min

Gloria Kennedy talks with John Howell, publisher and editor of the Warwick Beacon, about his life and career.

Hear about John’s childhood and education, how he met his wife Carol, and the latest on his dog Ollie. Find out how John became a journalist and how he’s reported on the city for over 50 years.


Gloria Kennedy Remembers 1950s Warwick
9/7/21  |  20 min

Gloria Kennedy reflects on Warwick, Rhode Island in the 1950s when she was growing up.

Hear her memories of Oakland Beach School, bologna sandwiches, Gus’s Doughboys, ice skating on Warwick’s ponds, President Lyndon B. Johnson's visit to Warwick, and more.


A Taste of Breakfast with Books
7/26/21  |  17 min

Warwick librarians Mary Anne Quinn, Jen Linton, Jennifer Beiermann, and Wil Gregersen chat about good summer reads and the next Breakfast with Books get-together in September.

Breakfast with Books looks at new and noteworthy titles that you may not know about but will definitely want to pick up.

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