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Choices for Warwick with Councilman Jeremy Rix
6/21/22  |  19 min

Gloria Kennedy talks with Warwick City Councilman Jeremy Rix about choices facing the city.

Hear about term limits and what they could mean for Warwick, how the city might spend its ARPA money, and why the city needs to fund its promise of lifetime health insurance for its employees.


More Rocky Point Park Remembered
6/14/22  |  19 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with editor George LaCross from the amusement park fan site Laff in the Dark.

Scott and George continue their conversation about Rocky Point Park. Hear about the Flume, funhouse, Laff in the Dark, and Castle of Terror/House of Horrors. Find out about the Rocky Point jail, and discover where some of Rocky Point’s rides went when the park closed.


Set Up Your Day for Success
6/7/22  |  15 min

Warwick Health and Wellness host Martha Bottella shows you how to have a confident outlook that will carry you through your day.

Learn how to set your intentions and move calmly through the day with a morning routine, and discover how an evening routine can slow down your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep and a successful tomorrow.


Branch Libraries Connect with Their Communities
5/31/22  |  15 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Warwick Public Library branch library supervisors Diane IaconoJackie Petrarca, and Tina Travis.

Hear about the Apponaug, Conimicut, and Norwood branch libraries and their close connections to their communities. Find out about book groups, drop-in crafts, knitting groups, Lego clubs, storytimes, and the dedicated staff you’ll meet.


Release Yourself from Trauma
5/24/22  |  18 min

Warwick librarian Wil Gregersen talks with Warwick Health and Wellness host Martha Bottella about how to free yourself from trauma.

Hear Martha show Wil how to use breath, awareness, and guided imagery to break his emotional connection to a traumatic experience and release himself from past suffering and pain.


Rocky Point Park Remembered
5/17/22  |  19 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with editor George LaCross from the amusement park fan site Laff in the Dark.

George LaCross made his first visit to Rocky Point Park in 1962 and became an immediate fan. Hear Scott and George reminisce about the Paladium ballroom, Shore Dinner Hall, baseball field, petting zoo, and Rocky Point’s first carousel and Ferris Wheel.


The Hunt for the Gaspee
5/10/22  |  20 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Editor and Publisher John Howell from the Warwick Beacon about the hunt for the Gaspee.

250 years after the burning of the HMS Gaspee, Dr. Kathy Abbass from the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project is leading a search for the ship. Hear about the project, wrecks that people thought were the Gaspee, and conspiracy theories about how the Gaspee was lured onto the shoals.


Choose Who You Want To Be with Affirmations
5/3/22  |  10 min

Warwick Health and Wellness host Martha Bottella shows you how to use affirmations to change how you see yourself and reshape who you are.

As a child, the things you were told went directly into your subconscious mind. Learn how to give your subconscious new thoughts that will help you feel better about yourself and become the person you want to be.


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