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The Warwick Symphony Orchestra Tours Rhode Island

1/24/22  |  16 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with music director and conductor Catherine Gagnon about the Warwick Symphony Orchestra.

Warwick Symphony Orchestra is a touring orchestra of volunteer musicians performing at venues across Rhode Island. Hear about the history of the WSO, concerts at the Gamm Theatre and Gaspee Days, their A Little Live Music chamber series with string, brass, and mixed ensembles, and upcoming shows at Warwick Public Library.


Join a Clinical Study to Stop Alzheimer’s Disease

1/20/22  |  7 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Care Access Principal Investigator Sudhir Bansal about a clinical study on Alzheimer’s disease.

One out of nine people age 65 and older has Alzheimer's disease, and one out of three die with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Hear how you can join a clinical trial to help researchers discover new medications that will prevent or slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.


A Well-Crafted Estate Plan Is a Gift to Your Family and Loved Ones

1/17/22  |  16 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Warwick attorney Tracy Loignon about why you should have an estate plan.

Tracy takes a comprehensive approach to estate planning that includes financial planning and tailors those plans to individual circumstances and needs. Hear about Tracy’s focus on the unique needs of women, common myths about estate planning, and how an estate plan can help you live for today by planning for tomorrow.


30 Seconds of Wonder

1/13/22  |  4 min

A half-minute is all it takes to be inspired by a poem.

Join Warwick poet D.K. McKenzie for thought-provoking poems that are less than a minute long.

Hear poems by John B. Tabb, Emily Dickinson, and D.K. McKenzie.


The Warwick History Quiz Show

1/10/23  |  23 min

Brought to you by Warwick Radio and the Warwick Historical Society, the Warwick History Quiz Show delivers fascinating facts about the city and a challenge for our contestants.

Join host Jen Linton, Warwick Historical Society member Mark Brown, and contestants Lloyd Kaplan and Tom Shaker for a fun potpourri of questions about notable people, places, and events from the city’s past.


Learn to Live Authentically in the New Year

1/3/23  |  20 min

Warwick Health and Wellness host Martha Bottella talks with Rev. Alan Vukas from Concordia Center for Spiritual Living about living authentically in the new year.

Hear how self-exploration and self-discovery can help you find your true self and how Concordia’s women’s circle, LGBTQ+ gathering, youth empowerment classes, and one-on-one coaching support the journey toward spiritual connection and an authentic life.


Help Solve a Warwick Cold Case

12/27/22  |  14 min

Warwick Life host Scott Nerney talks with Nelson Taylor and Benjamin Kean about their investigation into the unsolved murder of Kathleen Luongo.

In 1984, Kathy Luongo was found dead in the back seat of her car next to the Apponaug Baseball Complex behind City Hall. Her killer was never caught. Hear how Nelson and Ben decided to work on the case, about events leading up to the discovery of Kathy’s body, and how you can share information that could help solve the case.


Kathleen's Career Corner: Year-End Career Review

12/23/22  |  6 min

Learn how to find a career in a competitive job market in this monthly series by Warwick career management specialist Kathleen Dohoney.

Today, discover ideas for making a year-end career review.

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Born During a Hurricane: Memories of Three Major Storms

12/20/22  |  19 min

Warwick librarian Jen Linton talks with President of the Warwick Historical Society Felicia Gardella about her experiences during the hurricanes of 1938 and 1945 and the blizzard of 1978.

Felicia was born during the hurricane of 1938. Hear about her father’s adventures getting to the hospital during martial law. Find out about riding out the hurricane of 1945 in Oakland Beach, and learn about happy escapades with Felicia’s family and neighbors at the epicenter of the blizzard of 1978.


The Crimes That Shaped Our City: Samuel Gorton

12/13/22  |  15 min

Join lawyer and true crime fanatic Katherine Itacy for stories about crimes allegedly committed by Warwick citizens or within Warwick city limits.

Today, learn about the crimes of Warwick founder Samuel Gorton, an opinionated colonist who believed in freedom of speech and religion at all costs. Gorton was either banished or sentenced with heresy and seditious conduct by Boston, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Newport, and Providence between 1636-1643 and was nearly sentenced to death. Hear how he avoided the ultimate punishment and went on to establish and shape our city.


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