Device Lending

The WPL has a variety of devices available for checkout.


Mobile Office Kits

Our Mobile Office Kits come with Latitude 3520 laptops and Franklin T-10 hotspots.  These devices connect to provide you internet access and use of Microsoft Office Suite, Zoom and Adobe Acrobat.   

T10 Franklin WI-FI Mobile Hotspot

Borrow one of our mobile hotspots and connect up to 10 devices to a free Wi-Fi connection. 


9th Generation Apple IPads for Adults

We have three IPads, pre-loaded with Apps for entertainment and educational use.


6th Generation Apple IPads for Kids

Borrow an IPad preloaded with Apps for entertainment and educational use.


Samsung Chromebook

Chromebooks are lightweight, smaller, limited laptops that provide internet access and google drive.



Guidelines for Borrowing and Use:

  • Borrow time for all devices is 3 weeks and cannot be renewed.
  • Devices are checked out at the Reference desk at WPL Central location. They must be returned to the same Reference Desk.
  • Borrowers must be 18 years old, present valid identification with a current address on it.
  • Borrowers must have and present a current OSL library card, with no outstanding fines over $5.00.
  • Borrowers must read, understand, and sign a Borrower’s Agreement before checking out any device.  The staff member performing the checkout will place a note in the borrower’s record stating that they have signed the agreement.
  • Borrowers may only have one device type checked out at a time.  A combination of devices is allowed, but not 2 of the same device.
  • The overdue fine is $2.00 a day.  Fines may not be waived.  The borrower is responsible for costs associated with damage or loss of hardware and accessories while they are in possession of the items.