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Local History

Historical military photos of Rhode Island soldiers in the Civil War between 1861-1865.

More than two dozen national and local databases to research Rhode Island History.  Search for genealogy, obituaries, land records, maps, and more.

Early reports of the town of Warwick; it's settlement families, their court records, and their religious and judicial developments.

Accounts from Rhode Island soldiers and sailors of their experiences and involvement during the Civil War.

Residents and businesses names and addresses, maps, and institutions, of Providence, RI ranging from 1824-1978.

An account of Rhode Island history between 1636-1792 published in 1856 by John Russell Bartlet.

Essays describing events and families of Rhode Island, published by Sydney Rider in the 1870's.

Books, diaries, photographs, maps, reports, and vital records of Rhode Island history.

Records of Rhode Island history, covering history of the first record book of Mayflower descendants, to the Arnold family genealogy in 1958.

Reports, photographs, and accounts of Rhode Island military history ranging from 1621-1922.

Public records for the town of Providence, beginning with the first recorded birth in 1633 to the settlement of land boundaries in 1713.

Records of births, marriages, deaths, and town records in Rhode Island from 1636-1850.

Complete house, business, and street directories, of the town of Warwick from 1914-1979.

A collection of town and court records, narrative descriptions of events and the early founding settlement families of Warwick.

Tax details for the town of Warwick from 1865-1935.