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Starting Monday, May 18th, the library will be offering curbside pickup of library materials. Use the links below to get started!

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Discover things to do for kids and teens, come to a storytime, listen to traditional Irish music on Celtic harp, get tips on handling stress, and join a book discussion.

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Updated on Friday, May 15
Enjoy a conversation with Rhode Island Celtic harpist Mary King, and hear her play the traditional Irish tunes she grew up with.

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Staff Reviews

Reviewed by Kathleen
  Liam Pennywell is 61.  He has always carefully structured his life, keeping to the familiar, following routines, avoiding both conflict and change.  Having been laid off from his teaching job, Liam decides to retire, moving into a smaller and even...
Let the Right One In Movie Poster
Reviewed by Wil
There’s something tragic about vampires. Even evil vampires are a little bit sad. But the most heartbreaking figures in vampire stories may be the humans who help them.   Eli’s grizzled caretaker Håkan slips up while procuring fresh blood for the...
Reviewed by Diane
    The production in this album is fantastic. Everything sounds very clear, loud, and drenched in echo and reverb effects that was so common in the 80's era. This whole album is a musical story with a very theatrical style.  Even if you don't...
Reviewed by Diane
This class was just what I was looking for. There is so much more to WORD that most people never explore because we just use the basics everyday. This is an advanced class, so you must already be familiar with the basics of WORD. The sound quality...

Recent Reviews

Reviewed by Kathleen on 05/21
Reviewed by Katie on 05/21
Reviewed by ALex on 05/18
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