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We’re getting back to normal. Our study rooms and sitting areas are open again, and we're more like the library you remember and love.
Thea Hopkins
Thea is the winner of the 2020 Great American Song Contest. She’s performed at the Kennedy Center, and she’s worked with Paul from Peter, Paul and Mary.
A Purple Martin (photo credit: Gregory Gough, Smithsonian’s National Zoo)
Join Warwick citizen scientist Lois Graydon for a presentation on Purple Martins, the largest swallows in North America, on Monday, June 14 at 7 p.m.
The Modern Diner
What’s on the menu? An exploration of all-things diner with Rhody Radio host Tom Shaker. Listen now and prepare to get hungry.
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Enjoy lectures, stories, and conversations with local experts, artists, performers, and scholars brought to you by Warwick Public Library.

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Updated on Thursday, April 22
This May we celebrate Asian-American & Pacific Islander voices. Find some wonderful new reads and keep your daily reading habit! May 1 - May 31

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Reviewed by Mary Anne
Wild Fire is the eighth and final installment of Cleeve’s Shetland series, featuring Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, in charge of keeping the peace on the Shetland Islands, off the coast of Scotland. A young family, the Flemings, moves to one of...
The Harder They Come Movie Poster
Reviewed by Wil
The Harder They Come is built on an oft-told tale—a young man is forced into a life of crime when the corrupt society around him won’t give him an honest chance. But with its hip reggae soundtrack, this rewrite is unlike any version that came before...
Miles Davis
Reviewed by Lou
"I don't look back . . . Never," Miles Davis declared in 1973. "I don't have any place in my head for that stuff I only look ahead." In a career that spanned nearly five decades (with more than 50 studio albums and dozens of live sets and...

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Reviewed by Katie Arnold on 04/29
Reviewed by Jane Flanders on 04/26
Reviewed by Mary Anne on 04/16
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