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Find summer assignments and reading lists for Warwick and other Rhode Island schools.

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Staff Reviews

Reviewed by Katie
Antonia Vega is a recently widowed and retired Professor of English living in Vermont.  Both life changing events have happened very close to each other, and she is working through how to evolve her life to accommodate the changes.  Antonia is also...
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Reviewed by Diane
This story is about homelessness on the streets of Cincinnati, though this could have taken anyplace in America. It deals with what happens at the end of the night when the homeless community has nowhere to sleep at night because there are not...
Reviewed by Lou
The coronavirus is taking its toll on the arts world. In the last 10 days, the disease has claimed the lives of jazz trumpeter Walace Roney and pianist Ellis Marsalis Jr. (father of Wynton and Bradford), country singer Joe Diffie, playwright...
Reviewed by Suzanne
One of the benefits of joining Universal Class through the library is to have the option to take a certificate level course for free! At first, I was a bit nervous of taking a class that would give me quizzes and assignments, especially when taking...

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Reviewed by Colleen on 08/07
Reviewed by Colleen on 08/06
Reviewed by Jane on 07/27
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