Bad Boys 2

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W.G. grade 8
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Teen Reviews - Movies
Bad boys 2. It’s about 2 dea agents that are partners. They bust a ton of deals people at the beginning and get into a shootout and they found a bag of drugs. But they were looking for the main distributor so they had to keep looking. But his sister is undercover for the main distributor. And she was doing undercover work and a ton of people started chasing her and shooting at her but mike and Marcus pull up when it’s happening. After that they almost get fired so they pull up to the people who were chasing them and asked they leader stuff. Then they pulled up to the main dudes house as put little cameras everywhere so they have more info. When they had enough info they did a raid and found all his stuff so he took Marcus’s sister as a hostage to Cuba. Then they got a team of elite dudes a infiltrated his house blew it up and he was chasing them so they killed the main distributor.