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Folklore Folklore is Taylor Swifts 8th studio album, released on July 24 during the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic. Since its release it has been widely acclaimed by millions of critics and casual listeners alike and for good reason. Folklore is an accumulation of the best of Taylor's work, into a singular lyrically and sonically remarkable album. But the genius of the album begins even before the first track. The cover of the album perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the songs to come. The greyscale, almost solemn, landscape perfectly portrays the fable-like world developed by the album, creating a lush, youthful atmosphere reminiscent of its title. Folklore’s sound is breathtakingly unique. The acoustics alone are stunning but the story behind the album is perhaps its most enticing aspect. A fictitious love triangle between three teenagers, Folklore captures the highs and lows of teenage love from theatrical ballads to heartbreaking personal accounts. The album is told from the perspectives of each of the three teenagers who range from naive and melodramatic to earnest and emotional and even mature. The album is both dramatic (fitting considering its respective narrators) and heartfelt. Despite being an imaginary account of teenage love, it still manages to be deeply personal and authentic, relatable to most, if not all of its listeners. Folklore is some of Taylor Swift's best and most devastating songwriting. Tracks like Mirrorball and This is me Trying are poignantly vulnerable and deeply relatable. The imagery alone is spectacular. This is one of my favorite albums of all time one I believe has few (if any) skips. It's the ideal summer listen, and one likely to become a classic piece of music in the future.