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Ted 1. It’s about this kid who wished for his teddy bear to come alive that he got for Christmas because he didn’t have any friends. But when he woke up and he talked to Ted it became real and he talked to him. And he went down to show his parents and they got scared by it but John calmed em down. And then he’s an adult and he’s still friend with Ted. And John’s girl got mad because Ted made a mess in the house so she kicked Ted out and John helped him find a apartment. And John was at a party that his girls boss was throwing and Ted told John to pull up so he did and he was only suppose to be there for a couple minutes but it was longer then that. And Lori find him and breaks up with him so John and Ted had a fight. And after that they became friends again so they had to find a way for John to get back with her. So he went to a concert that Lori was at and hopped and stage and sang a song for her. And they got back together but when Ted was leaving he got kidnapped by Donny because he wants Ted to be his kids toy. And they all pulled up to a baseball field and Donny got knocked out but Ted got ripped open. So they made a wish for him to come back to life and the next morning he did.