Ted 2

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Ted 2. Lori and John ain’t together no more. But Ted married Tammy lin. And after a while of their marriage they decide they want a kid. But Ted can’t make kids because he’s a teddy bear. And they tried to find a ton of people to be the dad but they couldn’t. So they tried to adopt a kid but the government was saying he wasn’t a person so he got fired and they said he wasn’t a person and they forced him to get a divorce. And they said Ted was property not a person so they couldn’t do anything. So they tried to find a lawyer that could fight to make him a person. They found this girl that’s they’re lawyer that’s a new lawyer so she don’t got a lot of experience. And Donny works at has to and know teds not a human he plotting to kidnap him to see what makes him alive. And they hired the best lawyer to go against ted and they lost the case so he was now property. Ted gets mad and runs away to comic con and Donny is following home so Ted called John and John pulled up and they beat him but a plane hit John and put him in a coma for a little bit. But when Ted and them was in his room he pranked em. And then a really good lawyer pulls up and tells them that he’s gonna fight with them so they go to court and they win the case so now Ted is a person. And they remarried and they adopted a kid and changed they’re last name to clubbed lang.