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Zombieland. It’s about this dude Columbus and he’s called Columbus because that’s where he needs to go because he needs to see if his parents are still alive. And he was going and he met a dude named Tallahassee because he want to go to Tallahassee because he wanted a twinky. And they go to a store and these 2 girls rob them or they guns and they car. They walk around til they see a yellow car and they hopped in and found some guns. Then they see witchita and Little Rock and they trick them again and took their guns and took them. And Tallahassee takes his gun back and he was gon have a shootout but Columbus convinced him not to. And they made a truce. They go to bill Murray’s house and he’s pretending to be a zombie so Columbus accidentally killed him. And in the morning Little Rock and witchitah ran away to a theme park and they turned on all the stuff so a ton of zombies pulled up. And Columbus and Tallahassee pulled up and killed all the zombies and found a twinky.