Zombieland Double Tap

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W.G. grade 8
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Teen Reviews - Movies
Zombieland double tap. They moved Into the White House. Columbus proposes to witchitah and in the morning Little Rock and witchitah left with the car. Then Columbus and Tallahassee go to a mall and they find a girl in a freezer and she goes with them. And then they find witchitah and she told them that Little Rock stole the car and left with a pacifist guy. So they go and try to find her. They got into a fight with zombies and they thought freezer girl got bit so they leave her In the woods. They go to this Elvis place and they found the car and they found out she was going to a hippie place called Babylon. When they pull up theyre setting fire works off and a ton of zombies were pulling up to them so they had to fight off the zombies without guns because the hippies melted the guns.