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Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards
Enjoy a free livestream concert of American folk and country on Sunday, November 29 at 2 p.m.
Art Tancredi Band
Discover the big noise made by a small state with Rhode Island jazz historian Dr. Tom Shaker.
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Hear voices from around the state. Enjoy lectures, stories, and conversations with local experts, artists, performers, and scholars brought to you by Rhode Island libraries.
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Enjoy an art show by Warwick Public Library circulation aide Kathleen Sonier.
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Hear new book reviews every week, and find something wonderful to read!

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Updated on Saturday, October 31
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Staff Reviews

A Song for a New Day
Reviewed by Colleen
Sarah Pinsker tells a familiar story – a band on tour, embracing the world of DIY – and places it in a near-future setting where technology has largely superseded live performances. It’s a moving blend of themes and settings, and one that asks...
The Bookshop Movie Poster
Reviewed by Wil
The Bookshop begins as a lighthearted and breezy film. A young widow named Florence Green moves to the small town of Hardborough, Suffolk in 1959 with a plan to start a bookstore.   The town is filled with eccentric and very-British characters who...
Miles Davis
Reviewed by Lou
"I don't look back . . . Never," Miles Davis declared in 1973. "I don't have any place in my head for that stuff I only look ahead." In a career that spanned nearly five decades (with more than 50 studio albums and dozens of live sets and...
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