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Updated on Tuesday, March 23
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Staff Reviews

Reviewed by Jane
This is a multi-generational story of the Sullivan family that highlights their long line of Hollywood royalty that began with Irish immigrant, Liam Sullivan. He and his wife Rosemary use their talents to create careers in movies and theatre while...
The Witness Movie Poster
Reviewed by Wil
We’ve all heard the story. In 1964, thirty-eight New Yorkers heard Kitty Genovese screaming as she was being stabbed in the street, but none of them called the police or came outside to help.   The incident was used as an example of how heartless...
Talking Heads
Reviewed by Lou
Art-rockers? Intellectual pop band? New wavers? Experimental funkateers? World-music popularizers? The music of Talking Heads delightfully encompasses those and many other hybrid categorizations.   From their formation in NYC in 1975 to their...

Recent Reviews

Reviewed by Mary Anne on 04/16
Reviewed by Jane on 03/22
Reviewed by Jane on 03/10
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