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Join Warwick Public Library and Showcase Cinemas for a special presentation of Crazy Rich Asians on Tuesday, August 11 at 7 p.m.
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Updated on Tuesday, June 30
Find summer assignments and reading lists for Warwick and other Rhode Island schools.

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Reviewed by Anna
  The first in a series, this is a very good book; one of King’s best series. Mr. Mercedes is about someone in a mask driving a Mercedes who rams into hundreds of people at a job fair where 8 people are killed and many others injured. It’s the story...
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Reviewed by Wil
The Bookshop begins as a lighthearted and breezy film. A young widow named Florence Green moves to the small town of Hardborough, Suffolk in 1959 with a plan to start a bookstore.   The town is filled with eccentric and very-British characters who...
A Woman Listening to Lots of Music
Reviewed by Lou
To maximize your Hoopla borrowing power, we've compiled another list of super-sized musical collections.   This genre-jumping sampler includes career-spanning anthologies and jam-packed greatest hits sets. You can take a deep dive (51 hours of...
Reviewed by Kathleen
I recently completed Enhance Your Everyday Vocabulary, a Universal Class offering, available through the Warwick Public Library website.  The class was extremely helpful, with 20 lessons offering tips and tools for increasing recognition,...

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Reviewed by Colleen on 08/07
Reviewed by Colleen on 08/06
Reviewed by Jane on 07/27
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